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Wainright Speaks Out On Landfill
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5 December 2011

LIVE OAK- An interview was conducted Friday with Don Wainwright on the subject of the proposed landfill in Live Oak which has local citizens concerned. Wainwright has no involvement with the actual landfill but will receive a royalty after the selling of the property which is located close to his home. Wainwright said, "I have nothing to do with the facility but I am the most affected and I 100% support it.  900 acres will sit between the site and I-10 with 80 ft. trees blocking the view and muffling the noise. There is also a 100 ft hill located between the roadways and the site which will also contribute to the scenery being unaffected. The dumping rate will be reduced at $25 a ton and Suwannee County will save $25.5 million per year, at a locked in rate for 25 years, without having to transport trash to the Okefenokee landfill. The county's $765,000 contract with Waste Management will expire in 3 months and without renewal there will no one to haul the rubbish. Wainwright said that Alfred Linton and J.B. Coxwell have asked to be a part of the landfill because they have seen the benefit. He also said that with Penn Oil on the verge of closing it too will benefit from the sewer and water being ran north of interstate, as well as The Spirit of Suwannee Music Park. He said that the facility will be built in a fashion with no chance of contamination and will be 200 yards away from the aquifer which flows the opposite direction. The county is not permitting the landfill but is giving Cross Environmental the opportunity to have the State of Florida see if they meet the criteria. California and Florida have the strictest environmental laws in the country. Wainwright said, "If it's not in my backyard then whose is it in?" Wainwright also said that although his number had been given to the public he received no calls.
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